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Kate Daye February 15, 2007 Structure shapes our lives in ways that we rarely see. People are bothered by the fact that kids today are involved with hunting and guns. If this was in the time of the hunters and gatherers, the Indians, the cavemen or even the women and men of the 19 th centuries, hunting would be a common everyday activity. Today we don’t need to hunt for our food like we used to, so it has in a way been unnecessary and therefore in a sense, gone out of style. Because this was not only a food source, but a hobby, many still partake in it today. Unfortunately, group think has taken its toll on Americans. The trend today is to be a liberal, tree-hugging hippie. “Killing is bad.” “Save the forest!” The number of rugged rednecks is dwindling, (getting into why would be due to a whole other sociological aspect) making hunting less popular. Society is structuring us in ways that many do not notice. For example, the school districts around northern Pennsylvania all
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Unformatted text preview: give the kids off school on the first day of hunting season. This is what these kids and their parents have grown up knowing, that hunting is important, even important enough to take off school. It is celebrated and recognized, keeping these members of society in the woods. On the contrary, not one single school in Delaware gives students off the first day of hunting season and if a child takes off to go hunt with his or her father, its a frowned upon absence. If hunting were acknowledged like it is in Pennsylvania, I am sure that more people would go because everybodys doin it. Altogether, I am trying to say that different forces of society are pushing different groups of people into opposing directions. If it is important for a father to hunt with his daughter, maybe all he needs to do is move a state away and things would be much easier....
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