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Paper 3 - 10 years ago the men that would have gay...

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Kate Daye February 23, 2007 “A Sex Stop on the Way Home” helps me to see the realities of the shame our society has shunned onto homosexuals. At first this wouldn’t seem like a personal troubles vs. public issues ordeal, but after taking a closer look, the article makes me take a look back to how individuals can only understand their own personal fate by first, locating themselves some larger historical context and, second, by understanding the lives of others around them who live in similar circumstances. This shines a light on the fact that many men who live homosexual lives are not open homosexuals. In my mind, proving that this has been going on for years and years but in the dark. Think back only
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Unformatted text preview: 10 years ago, the men that would have gay encounters would go through every trouble possible of making sure that he kept this hidden from the people around him, by getting a hotel room or by going into a secluded area. While today, homosexuality is still pretty unpopular and often frowned upon, the group of people with this lifestyle is moving forward… together. Now it seems many aren’t as worried because they can go to a place like this parking garage and see that there are so many others feeling the same way they do. This helps me to predict that in the future there will be more acceptance and more places for homosexuals to have encounters with more safety and support....
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