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Paper 6 - the causes and effects we can then begin to spot...

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Kate Daye March 23, 2007 Sociological Article 6 Wal-Mart’s predictive technology is nothing short of a topic covered under “personal troubles vs. public issues,” how individuals can only understand their own personal fate by first, locating themselves some larger historical context and, second, by understanding the lives of others around them who live in similar circumstances. By using predictive technology and records, Wal-Mart is acting in a sociological manner, by looking into the past to predict the future. The thinkers of this company understand that in certain circumstances people are going to almost always act a certain way, time and time again. We can see this by looking into the past and seeing the reactions given to different scenarios. Society has shaped people to act in these different ways and after recognizing
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Unformatted text preview: the causes and effects we can then begin to spot the invisible strings that cause people to act a certain way or to do a certain thing. There has been many times in the past where a natural disaster has occurred and people have been left without food and resources. Now, people have learned from experience and every time a natural disaster is called for people overstock on certain things, generally bread and water. Wal-Mart has used these sociological statistics to in turn research farther and realize that other things such as strawberry poptarts, are flying off the shelves as well. By reading the consumer market sociologically, and as a whole public issue, instead of reading it psychologically, as a personal trouble, Wal-Mart has gained a whole new insight and advantage on customer sales....
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