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Kate Daye April 6, 2007 Sociological Article 7 It is easy to see why this article is of interests to sociologists. Nicolleta’s story and the general situation of teenaged prostitution can be placed under two very broad sociological areas of interest, “Freedom vs. Determinism” and “Personal Troubles vs. Public Issues.” I am going to discuss the “Freedom vs. Determinism” aspect of this story. It is evident to any sociologist that Nicolleta was not free to make this decision. While becoming a prostitute was a conscious choice, her environment made at least 50% of this decision for her. The lifestyle that she was living, chosen mainly by abusive family members, forced her to make decisions that many of us wouldn’t have to make. Many would say that Nicolleta is a horrible or cold person for selling her body at the age of 12, but if the society and environment that she was in included a loving supportive family, a good school and leisure activities, the thought of prostituting herself would not have even
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