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Lecture Outline – Lecture 4: The Amazing Newborn and Physical Development in Infancy Newborn Baby’s Capacities – Reflexes Definition of reflex: inborn automatic response to a particular form of stimulation. Organized behavior patterns that govern newborns movements. Purpose and examples – provide newborns with adaptive responses to their environments before they can learn about the world. Are useful for doctors to diagnose infant neurological problems. Some have survival value. – Helping infant locate food, rooting and sucking. Some are precursors of later motor skills. – stepping reflex. Help stimulate muscles and develop central nervous system. Some are remains from earlier species. – Moro reflex, a startle response. Duration – Most disappear during the first six months. Happens because infants have a more voluntary control over their body. Newborn Sensory Capacities Touch – sensitivity to touch and pain are present at birth. Seem to be first senses that develop in utero. Helps stimulate physical and emotional development – preemies and kangaroo care. Taste and smell - Highly developed sense of taste. Can readily differentiate between salty and sour. Prefer sweet. Babies can communicate taste preferences by facial expressions. A relaxed and pleased look and also a disgust face can show this. They are also attracted to smell of mother’s breast, even in bottle fed babies. Hearing – Prefer complex sounds such as voices.
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LectureOutline4+-+NewbornPhys[1] - Lecture Outline Lecture...

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