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1. Why material handling and facilities design are inseparable? How they affect each other? 2. Shortly explain the “right amount” element of the material handling definition: “Material handling means providing the right amount of material, in the right condition, at the right place, in the right position, in the right sequence, and for the right cost, by the right methods”? (This question might be asking other elements of the definition) 3. State the material handling system equation. Give two examples for each type of questions that we need to ask to figure out the components of this equation? 4. Among all the principles of material handling, which one deserves the most attention according to the authors of the textbook? Why? 5. What are the objectives of material handling? 6. If a student who did not take any Facilities Planning course asks you the question: what is “unit load”? What would be your answer, how would you support your answer with real life examples? 7. Compare and contrast the small and large unit loads. 8. Explain how unit load size selection might affect the cycle time. If your objective is to minimize the cycle production time, how would you determine the best unit load size. 9. How do space issues affect the unit load selection 10. What might be the disadvantages for storing and transforming items in unit loads instead of single units. 11. We can classify the material handling devices into four main areas, what are those? 12. Give three examples to containers. 13. What is the main purpose to use tote pans? Which characteristics of tote pans might help to improve the space utilization? 14. State main objectives for pallet loading? 15. What are the main differences between a pallet and a skid?
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16. In order to minimize material handling cost, returnable containers should have two important features, state and explain each in a sentence. 17. State the formula for container space efficiency/ storage space efficiency/ container nesting ratio/ trailer return ratio. 18. Which one is more favorable, low or high trailer return ratio? Why? 19. What is a “unitizer”? Give three examples for unitizers. 20. State three main areas for material transportation equipment. 21. Material transportation equipments are varied in terms of: a. b. c. d. e. 22. Material transportation equipments are varied in terms of degree of automation, for instance…. . 23. Material transportation equipments are varied in terms of degree of flow path, for instance…. . 24. Conveyors are used when the path is… , and the volume is…………., throughput is……… 25. Give an example situation where one might need to use chute conveyors? 26. Why is it difficult to control the positions of the items for the chute conveyor?
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EssayQuestions2 - 1. Why material handling and facilities...

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