China - Jane Murchison Geography 120 China Very diverse...

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Jane Murchison Geography 120 November 14, 2006 China - Very diverse country - About 40% of the Chinese land area given over to those very high and or very dry areas of Asia - Warmer in the south/cooler in the north (fairly high altitudes) - 9 regions: Xinjiang, Tibetan Plateau, NW China Loess Plateau, Inner Mongolia, Upper Yangtze, Yunnan & Guizhou, Manchuria, North China Plain, middle Yangtze, Guangdong & Guanxi, Lower Yangtze, Southeast Coast - 2 major rivers o Yangtze: o Huang He (Yellow River/China’s sorrow): north river - Guangdong & Guanxi: o hilly, warm, moist o double rice crop - Shanghai in lower Yangtze: o much flatter o relatively warm o generally able to support rice agricultural economy o rice and tea/ wheat - North China Plain: o beginning of Chinese civilization o very flat, growing conditions become cooler thus move from rice to wheat o winter wheat and gaoliang - Manchuria: o prefer it to be called the north east; o China is easily the largest coal resource—majority here o fought over it was Japan (?) o spring wheat and soybeans - Yunnan: o Hilly o not ethnic Chinese (all different ethnic groups that are common to the hill country of Asia o greatest share of Panda pop found here o upland rice - Sichuan (Red) Basin (Upper Yangtze): o most densely populated interior region in the world o rice oriented (somewhat of a surprise) because interior north o rice - Loess Plateau:
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o Loess is a dirt o Very windy area (like northern great plains) o Fairly sparsely populated because its dry o Most of silt dropped out o Huage he: river sits higher in elevation than surroundings; thus tremendous flooding when the river breaks o Winter wheat and millet spring wheat inner Mongolian pasture - Tibet o Cold, sparsely populated, mountainous o Oasis farming - Xinjiang o Sparsely populated, dry o Both x and Tibet populated by people who are not ethnically Chinese 3 part subdivision of China - Highlands - Lowlands - Arid Rice give far more calories and …; wheat can be grown in colder areas Hu’s line - Geographer - Most people live to the east of a certain line - Moister, relatively flatter and warmer area - Series of mountains separating lower and middle Yangtze (problem of movement in area) - 3 gorges: damming the 3 for a lake o
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China - Jane Murchison Geography 120 China Very diverse...

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