India - Jane Murchison Geography 120 November 8 2006 India...

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Jane Murchison Geography 120 November 8, 2006 India Asian Physical Geography - very large land area—continentality - interior so vast, isolated - mountains- top of the world o rivers originate here; spread radically - River valley and interflures- political design o Civilizations have origins in lowland river valleys Focus on rise o Boundaries are away, in hills somewhere, margins in uplands o Cultures of different regions (up and low) different, hill pop lack power; were our allies in Vietnam - The Monsoon o Intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) o “monsoon” Indian, Hindi word: a seasonal shift in wind directions - very large landmass bordered by large bodies of warm water: Indian Ocean and South China Sea o ITCZ moves N in summer, south in winter o Humid, warm all meets dry, cold air India Climate - Summer = wet - Cherrapuuji- wettest city (meteorological action)in world, in India - Rice has created strong economy in South Asia o Can support more people per acre o High caloric value o Long growing season, muchwater needed, well controlled Paddy rice: flooded when rice growing (not stagnant) drained when rice maturing Indian History and Cultural Geography Hindu - All things in life are equal—whoever you are your life has sanctity - Vedas 100 or so 800 BC-0 AD o Brahman- universal soul Represent by man, many gods; most local Beliefs - reincarnation: soul born, dies many times before escaping cycle - Atman: sacred principle that animates all life, basis of respect for life
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- Ahimsa: non-violence (to anything with Atman) - Dharma: duty or right conduct; defined by gender, stage of life, caste - Karma: fate, or the consequences of each does performed Hindu Caste System- emerge over time - 4 castes, many sub-castes, each with defined dharma - born into and die in it, marry same - Brahmins: [priest and educated people; must uphold religion and learning
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India - Jane Murchison Geography 120 November 8 2006 India...

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