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1st Exam IDs - IDs Polis 8th Century B.C. (750) to 4th...

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IDs Polis - 8 th Century B.C. (750) to 4 th Century BC (323) - Independent city-states scattered throughout Greek territory - Organized small, scattered Greek communities - Set foundations for Greek political system, basis of democratic government originated from polis Ostracism - 6 th Century BC - Cleisthenes utilized in hope of safeguarding from tyranny - Practiced in Athens - 6,000 votes forced ostracized individual to leave Athens for 10 years - Assisted in firmly securing democratic government in Athens Thales of Miletus - 7 th Century BC (624-548) - First Ionian philosopher - Concerned with understanding the order of nature - Miletus, a city in Ionia - Revolutionized thought by omitting gods from account for natural events (solar eclipse predicted, earthquakes, etc.) Sophists - 5 th Century BC - Professional teachers who wandered between cities encouraging application of reason to politics, knowledge, etc. - Traveled throughout Greek cities, especially in Athens - Examined political and ethical concerns, cultivated minds of students, Western humanist tradition Philosopher King - 5 th Century BC - Plato’s idea of who should rule in The Republic - Athens - Philosophers chosen by rigorous system of education (hypothetical) to rule - Warned Athenians that without respect for law, wise leadership, and proper education to the young, the city would degenerate Cleisthenes - 6 th Century BC - Aristocrat sympathetic to democracy - Redistricted the city (Athens) , opened practice of ostracism - Helped prevent tyranny and firmly secured democratic government in Athens
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Persian Wars - 5 th Century BC - Started with Ionian Greek rebellion in Asia Minor, took place throughout Greece - Persians led by Darius I and Xerxes, Greeks led by Themistocles - Decided the history of the West, saved Greek cultural and political vitality Herodotus - 5 th Century BC - Historian responsible for account of the Persian Wars - Athens - “The father of history;” Foundation for rational history recording Delian League - 5 th Century BC - Confederation of over 150 city-states organized after Persian War - Organized to protect against another confrontation with Persia
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1st Exam IDs - IDs Polis 8th Century B.C. (750) to 4th...

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