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3rd Exam Essays - Continuities/discontinuities between...

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Continuities/discontinuities between Renaissance and Reformation - Continuities o Humanism, emphasis on education, literacy o Belief in able human beings to succeed o Movement towards modernist ideals (individualism, culture, education, merit) o Demand for reform and renewal, dissatisfaction with clergy, authoritative figures o Discontent with Catholic church - Discontinuities o Religious emphasis in Reformation, Classical in Renaissance o Reformation spread through urban masses, Renaissance most prominent amongst wealthy urban elite o Renaissance introduced new culture, ideas; Reformation shattered religious unity of Europe Continuities/discontinuities between Early Modern Europe and Middle Ages - Continuities o Political turmoil, lack of national unity until later in EME o Economic crisis, population growth, urbanization, famine, agricultural deficiency o Corruption amongst religious authority o Secular authorities and private armies (mercenaries) o Religious wars between Christians and Muslims (Granada, Charles V) - Discontinuities o Economic growth focus shifted from Mediterranean to Northern (Protestant) countries
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3rd Exam Essays - Continuities/discontinuities between...

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