3rd Exam Study Guide

3rd Exam Study Guide - essay. We will be looking at how...

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Identification questions will be taken from the following list. On the test you will select 4 of 5 IDs. In a well-written paragraph, be able to answer the questions, Who? What? When (to a century)? Where? Why important? (i.e. what is its historical significance). Always write in full sentences. 100 Years War Black Death Babylonian Captivity of the church Petrarch Burckhardt Renaissance humanism Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man Renaissance despotism Flagellants Millenarianism John Wycliff Erasmus Sola scriptura Printing press Charles V Peace of Augsburg John Calvin Ignatius of Loyola Council of Trent Henry VIII of England Elizabethan Settlement St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre Treaty of Tordesillas Ferdinand and Isabella Price Revolution Bullionism Columbian Exchange Absolutism Peace of Westphalia Essay Topics. Essays will be drawn from the following topic areas. On the test you will be given 1
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Unformatted text preview: essay. We will be looking at how well you structure your argument and support your points with specific historical examples. 1. Continuities/discontinuities between the Renaissance and the Reformation (as urban phenomena; attitudes to religion and society; aesthetics) 2. Continuities/discontinuities between Early Modern Europe and the Middle Ages (politics, economics, beliefs, aesthetics) 3. Factors leading up to and contributing to the Protestant Reformation in Northern Europe (political, economic, religious, cultural) 4. .Centralization of political power in Early Modern Europe, contributing factors and manifestations, and limitations of 5. The impact of the Reformation and the new monarchies on European exploration and colonization 6. Religion and politics in the Thirty Years’ War: what was old and what was new....
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3rd Exam Study Guide - essay. We will be looking at how...

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