Byzantium, Islam, Latin Christendom

Byzantium, Islam, Latin Christendom - Byzantine...

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Byzantine Civilization - 3 civs based on religion emerged from Roman Empire: o Latin Christendom (Western and central Europe) o Islam o Byzantium - Eastern part of Roman Empire survived Germanic invasion Byzantines - Byzantine emperor denied pope’s claim to authority over all Christians - Roman Church split to Roman Catholic in West and Eastern Orthodox (still persists); Greek in Byzantine Empire, Latin in Roman - Justinian (527-565) was first absolute Byzantine ruler, introduced Corpus Juris Civilis , which became the official body of law in Empire as well as throughout Europe - Justinian expanded, but Balkan tribes, Visigoths, and Persians all invaded - Near the end of the 7 th century and again in 717 Arab Muslims besieged Constantinople (capital city) - Defense of Constantinople preserved Christianity in Europe - Latin Christians stole from Constantinople and fought Orthodox for years - In 1453, Ottoman Turks plundered Constantinople, Byzantine Empire ended - Byzantines prevented Muslim spread in Europe, preserved Roman principles of law, and preserved much of ancient Greek culture and knowledge Islamic Civilization - Founded by prophet Muhammad (570-632) in Mecca - Muslims worship Allah as only divine power, law and morality laid out in the Koran -
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Byzantium, Islam, Latin Christendom - Byzantine...

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