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Discussion 8 - Luther

Discussion 8 - Luther - Ryan Lee HIST 151 Bullard/Vierra...

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Ryan Lee HIST 151 Bullard/Vierra November 15, 2007 Martin Luther was fortunate to be one of the first to spread his theology with help from a printing press. In 1517, Lutheranism was beginning to spread, and Johannes Gutenburg had recently contributed to the invention of the metal type printing press. Less than a decade after Luther constructed the beliefs that inspired the Reformation, it is estimated that about three million pamphlets were circulating in Germany. Because of the widespread foundation of his following, Frederick “the Wise” of Saxony assisted in protecting Luther from politicians opposed to his preaching. Martin Luther was able to publish several texts of his theology, preventing it from being altered or lost in translation. He published Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation and On Christian Liberty amongst other acclaimed pamphlets teaching to the minority of literate citizens of Northern Europe. By publishing his beliefs, the Reformation spread much quicker and on a much more global scale than by a preacher traveling on foot. Also, his teachings could not be silenced as easily by the corrupt members of the secular
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