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Study Guide Exam #1 READING 1. Introduction: Thinking about Drama (pages 1 – 28)) The Poetics Mimesis Drama vs Ritual Theatres and their effect Genres of Drama Elements of Drama Lady Gregory and The Rising of the Moon 2. Greek Drama (pages 29 - 36) Origins of Greek Drama Sophocles and Oedipus Rex 3. Medieval Drama (pages 203 - 209) The Role of the Church Miracle plays, Mystery plays and Morality plays 4. Renaissance Drama (pages 262 - 270) 5. Elizabethan Drama (266 – 270) 6. Midsummer Night’s Dream (pages 308 -341) 7. Othello (Section 001 pages 416-461) Hamlet (Section 002 pages 351 – 407) LECTURES 8. ALL class lectures (selected material) What do you need to make theatre? What are the elements of theatre
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Unformatted text preview: space? Three types of performances Theatre vs. film the mirror 6 parallels of Theatre/Life Theatres Doubleness The Actor Stage positions The Director The actors unions today Emotional recall/sensory recall The magic if The method Constantin Stanislavski The role of the actors agent All the elements of the Greek stage Thespis The four Dionysian Celebrations Tragedy Realization Vision The film clip from The Reckoning The film clip from Shakespeare in Love The film about Julie Taymors rehearsal of The Tempest....
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