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Notes from Tony

Notes from Tony - Drama 116 Class Notes(not complete DRAM...

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Drama 116 Class Notes (not complete) DRAM 116- Feb. 19, 2007 What is the critical analysis paper? -a review that includes 3 specific parts: Description, Opinion, and Analysis Description: -description gives all the facts about the production and is the bare minimum necessary for a review. Think of these as the kinds of questions that you would answer if a friend asked you what show you saw last night. When? Where? What? Who? *credit everyone -production elements: playwriting, set, direction, sound, acting, props, lighting, etc. - cite anything you take from a book Basic Guidelines: - 3 to 4 pages - typed and double-spaced - printed on one side only - stapled - title page with: title, name, date, section number, PID, signature w/ honor code - Thesis statement: should be in first paragraph, should direct every subsequent paragraph in the review, and incorporating analysis into the thesis is key to a great paper * no first person Grading: A- original analysis, thorough description, thesis expressed in strong opinions throughout, no mechanical errors B- more descriptive than analytical, is well structured and has few mechanical errors, opinion is expressed but not explored throughout etc,etc 2-21-07 Drama 116 Class Notes Emotional/Sensory Recall A scene is rarely about what is being said… from the actor’s point of view. *actors practice this with the neutral scene where dialogue is essentially meaningless in and of itself so the actors have to create the circumstances and meaning themselves The Body- actors do things like yoga, pilates, weight training depending on goals
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The Voice- actors train voice to avoid revealing their own regional dialects or to fit a character Rehearsals- can be as long as seven hours per day, union requires that actors get one day off per week. Performance - Playmakers Repertory Company - LORT- League of Regional Theatres - Equity Actors Association- Actor’s Union Auditioning- actors should usually have at least 2 monologues prepared in case a director asks them to give one
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