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Final Examples 90s

Final Examples 90s - RES-em E ‘XQ-é’ 7 An Benavie Econ...

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Unformatted text preview: RES-em E ‘XQ-é’ 7%, An Benavie October 11, 1995 Econ. 130 Mid—Semester Exam Assume the government is reducing the deficit by autonomously increasing taxes, cutting entitlements and reducing goyernment purchases; specifically, assume that AFB = ~ 40 and'u—‘l: = 50. In addition, assume tat. AYD_"AY"' ,AY—.,an AY=20‘ Given this information, compute the following: A 9.9 "AY ' B A? ‘ AY C. The value of the multiplier D. The equilibrium AY E. The total equilibrium: AC, ALAN, AS, AYD, AT and ADeficit. F. Graph this problem, showing the goods market, the deficit and employment. Include the following on your graphs, along with the magnitudes you have computed: AE, equilibrium AY, equilibrium AN, the structural (autonomougLnDeficit, the cyclical (automatic) ADeficit, the total equilibrium ADeficit. """—-—._..-- ' R 66'2de October 21, 1994 ECON 130 MIDSEMESTER EXAM (Show all Work) Assume: fl = .L, A6 = -330, A'l‘ = +350, and A? = -4. AY 20 Compute: 1 AB , ' AY W'— 4 2. The multiplier = W 3 AE =- _______+____.___ 4. Equilibrium AY = W A11: Benavie 5. Total equilibrium v AC = A1 = A3 = AN= A Deficit = AM= Assuming the initial equilibrium Y and r is (1000, 8%). Show the impact of the above autonomous changes in G , T and i7 on the IS and LM schedules. Show graphically the magnitude of the shifts in these curves along with the initial and final equilibrium Y and r. Also, show how the economy moves through time from one equilibrium (Y, r) to the other. " ...
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