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ProjectWriting Guidelines - Definitions and background...

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Guidelines for Project The following format has been adapted from Lannon, J. M. (1994), Technical Writing , Harper Collins College Publishers. I. Introduction A. Definition, Description, and Background B. Purpose of the Report (answer: because it was assigned is NOT acceptable) C. Scope of the Inquiry II. Body Section A. First Topic for Investigation 1. Definition 2. Findings (summary table ONLY, all additional tables and technical details belong in the appendix) 3. Interpretation of findings B. Second Topic for Investigation (and so on) III. Conclusion A. Summary of Findings B. Overall Interpretations of Findings (as needed) C. Recommendations Topics appropriate for the Introduction
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Unformatted text preview: Definitions and background Description of problem Purpose and sources Body Section Topic (1, 2, , n) Definitions (1, 2, , n) Findings (1, 2, , n) Interpretations (1, 2, , n) Conclusion Review of major points An overall judgment about what the findings mean Recommendations Supplements: Also include in your report Title Page Table of Contents Abstract Report Text (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) Appendices (as necessary) One additional commentthe first person is not appropriate for technical reports (i.e. We decided to. ., should be written, The group decided to)...
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ProjectWriting Guidelines - Definitions and background...

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