discussion#1 - Meanwhile back on mainland Greece either by...

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Matthew Fende September 7, 2007 HIST/CAMS100 Discussion #1 The End of the Mycenaean Civilization The fall of the Mycenaean Civilization can be attributed to their obsession with war which inevitably led to raiding of the neighboring Hittite empire and of Egypt. Since Mycenaean had already taken over the one civilization, the Minoans, they would hardly feel remorse about raiding another. The fact that they were on friendly trading terms with the neighboring Hittites and Egyptians gave them an inside look on what they could have at the Hittite and Egyptian cities, and also provided information the layout, organization, and resources of the cities. They built large walls and fortifications in the case of an attack or counter attack while they were gone attacking the Hittites. After causing chaos to the Hittites they could prepare for an attack on the Egyptians, however all the commotion would have time to get to the Egyptians and they could prepare for an attack from the Mycenaeans and thus successfully thwart off the attack.
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Unformatted text preview: Meanwhile, back on mainland Greece, either by coincidence or they saw it as an opportunity, the “Dorian Invaders” commenced their attack from the north. Cities and towns were plundered and burnt to the ground. According to Morkot, some towns were abandoned and never reoccupied, others were rebuilt and some even grew in size.(Morkot, 32) These happenings could be attributed to the idea that as word spread of the attack, towns were vacated and the people moved south to larger more fortified cities like Thebes, Athens, and Mycenae where they would have a better chance for survival. This would lead to an overcrowding of cities and the easy spread of diseases. This, combined with the many casualties from the Mycenaean attack on the Hittites and failure of their attack on the Egyptians, would explain the severe decrease in population. Because of their loses on the battlefield and from the raiding of their homeland, the Mycenaean Civilization came to an end....
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discussion#1 - Meanwhile back on mainland Greece either by...

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