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discussion#4 - what they interpreted autonomy as complete...

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Matthew Fende November 30, 2007 HIST/CAMS100 Discussion #4 Prevention of Greek Unity The main item that shrouded the Grecian states in the early forth century BCE which prevented them from uniting was the idea of hegemony; which in the case of ancient Greece at the time was Spartan influence over Grecian states and surrounding areas. The Spartans could do this because they were back up by the Persians via the King’s Peace to guarantee everyone’s “freedom and autonomy.” But the only motivation behind Persian support was so that Greece could not unite and fight against Persia. It was like suppressing a people without having to lift a finger; just a domineering look would do. So with the backing of the great power of the Persians, Sparta let the power go to its head and went a little overboard. Sparta used its new found position to keep itself above everyone else. It also read a little too close into the idea of freedom and autonomy. It tried to separate cities and tribes through force which is
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Unformatted text preview: what they interpreted autonomy as; complete isolation from other cities and regions. One example of this is Mantinea in 385. Sparta separated all the villages of Mantinea, which had been established for years. Sparta also did the same thing with Olynthus in 380. However, upon trying to try the same thing with Thebes, the Thebans put up a strong resistance and eventually defeated the Spartans in a land battle in Leuctra outside of Thebes in 371, thus ending Spartan hegemony and starting the very brief Theban hegemony. Theban hegemony ends not even ten years later after the death of their well respected leader Epaminondas whom spearheaded the invasion of Laconia which liberated the Helots and freed Messenia. The simple idea is that when you have everyone attacking each other, especially their own race, it is quite hard to unite and live in peace....
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