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exam 2 jepardy on word

exam 2 jepardy on word - Tinker v Des Moines Independent...

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Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District - landmark court case ruled that students have the First Amendment right of freedom of speech as long as school operations and the opportunity to learn are not disrupted. Hazlewood School District v. Kuhlmeir - court case decided that the principal has the right to control the content of school newspapers Pickering v. Board of Education - court case ruled that a teacher can not be dismissed for speaking as a citizen on matters of public concern Engle vs. Vitale - court case ruled that public school officials cannot require students to recite state-sponsored prayer at the start of each school day, even if the prayer is nondenominational Procedural due process - the procedural requirements that must be followed in such areas as student and teacher discipline and placement in special education programs Essentialism and Perennialism - two forms of teacher-centered philosophies Progressivism, Existentialism and Social Recontructionism - three student-centered philosophies Praxis -
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