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discussion#2 - and more discontented with the aristocracy...

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Matthew Fende September 26, 2007 HIST/CAMS100 Discussion #2 The Aristocratic Ideal The Spartan Aristocratic Ideal held fast to the idea of “rule by the best,” which in theory is not a bad concept but in execution reveals its flaws. The ruling class, the aristoi, considered “the best” to be those with arête which was measured by outright displays of superiority of wealth, successfulness in battle and excellence at birth. The first flaw in the aristocratic ideal was that only the aristoi determined who was deemed the best and just ignored the lower class’ opinions. Naturally the lower class did not agree. How could the best for the state be determined if not everyone was consulted for their opinions? Everyone should have to agree upon who is the best and this shouldn’t make such a difference because according to the aristocratic ideal, who was the best should be quite obvious. While the aristoi ignoring the opinions of the lower class, they became more
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Unformatted text preview: and more discontented with the aristocracy which gradually laid the foundation for tyranny. When citizens are displeased with their current government it is not that hard to manipulate them into following your cause or revolting. The Spartan state never achieved the aristocratic ideal because the citizens as a whole were never content with their leaders. If the ideal were to work, then everyone would be able to agree on who the best is. The flaw in the aristocratic ideal was not the idea of “rule by the best,” this was indeed a revolutionary idea and would have created a utopian society (had it not been for the flaws of course). The problem came from agreeing on whom was the best, and that problem can never be done away with while everyone has their own beliefs and opinions....
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