Fende, Section 12, paper 2

Fende, Section 12, paper 2 - Academic effectiveness 1...

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Academic effectiveness 1 Academically Effective Schools Matthew Fende
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Academic effectiveness 2 A Schools academic effectiveness draws heavily from the school’s administration and authoritative figures, such as teachers and parents, along with a few uncontrollable factors, like that of the students’ characteristics and various monetary issues. A good administration needs to set goals and make them known to the school community to not lose sight of what is most important: education. It sets the basis for rules and regulations and also should be the first source of academic encouragement. The administration should set appropriate curriculum to serve the students needs with the help of faculty feedback on the students. It also has to listen to the students directly through the elected student government and be fair by treating their feedback with the same respect as with the faculty’s opinions. Faculty/ teachers are directly under the administration, following policies and regulations set by the administration and directly interacting with the students. Faculty should share the same goals and ideas with the administration, specifically of encouraging academics to have it coming from another source, starting to surround the students with the idea. Teachers follow the chosen curriculum of the administration and must be masters of the material in order to be properly equipped to deliver the content to the students. In association to knowledge of the material, teachers need pedagogical knowledge to better serve to each student’s learning styles; unfortunately this mainly comes from personal experience which is on the decline as the number of new teachers entering the field and those retiring increases. But that dwindling group of experienced teachers has those few extraordinary teachers that shine through with those qualities
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Fende, Section 12, paper 2 - Academic effectiveness 1...

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