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American Education Matthew Fende
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American Education 2 Room 100 Thomas, 3:35-4:25pm, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (in good ole nowhere-land Wagner) in the fall of 2007; this is when and where I learned that an education is the fundamental thing that shapes each one of us to be the person that we are. Each person’s educational experiences teach them in different ways thus creating infinite possibilities of diverse personalities in the population. One of the most important sources an educational experience is found in is schools. Since education is the thing that molds people, I would think that we would not only hold it in high regard, but also make sure it is available to everyone and also be of adequate quality so that the whole population is educated. In theory I think that is all what we want, however it is easier said than done. The speakers who came to speak in section were from many different countries and backgrounds yet they all had one thing in common: their schools systems were all centralized. They had one set requirement for all, the same tools and books for all, the same opportunity for
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Fende, Section 12, paper 3 - American Education Matthew...

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