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Issues and Concepts to Think About •In what sense did V. Gordon Childe see the “Neolithic” (Food Production) revolution as “revolutionary”? •Define the process of domestication. What are some of its basic outcomes? •What kinds of carved or painted images are usually found in Late Upper Paleolithic caves? Were such images usually found in places where people lived? •Was domestication a process that rapidly restructured ancient societies? •Is it useful to make a strong distinction between hunting-gathering and food-producing societies if we take a long view of human cultural adaptation? Do hunter-gatherers exhibit behaviors that we often associate with farmers? •Why is it useful to think of the initial adoption of food production as highly conservative, rather than innovative? •What are some basic features of institutions as discussed in class? •Roughly how many people are estimated to have lived in the world at the very end of the Pleistocene? Why were there so few?
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