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ICS 6D Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Fall 2007 Schedule Week Dates Homework / Solutions Lecture Notes Reading (Sections from Rosen) Week 1 Oct 1- 5 Hmw1 / Solution [only problem 62 in Section 1.1] Logic (1.1-1.5). Sections 1.6-1.7 optional but recommended! Week 2 Oct 8- 12 Hmw2 / Solutions LecWeek2 Sets and Functions (2.1-2.3) Week 3 Oct 15-19 Hmw3 / Solutions (to most problems) LecWeek3 Integers, Primes, GCD, Numerical Algorithms (3.4-3.6) Week 4 Oct 22-26 Hmw4 / Solutions LecWeek4 Induction (4.1) Week 5 Oct 29- Nov 2 Hmw5 / Solutions / Grading scheme LecWeek5 Strong Induction, Well-Ordering (4.2) Recursive Definitions, Structural Induction (4.3- 4.4) Week 6 Nov 5-9 (see LecWeek6 below) MIDTERM Nov 5, Recursive Definition and Structural Induction continued Basic Counting Rules (5.1) Week 7 Nov 12-16 Hmw6 (Explanations : please read them before doing this LecWeek6 Pigeonhole Principle, (5.2)
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homework!) / Solutions / Grading scheme Week 8 Nov 19-23 Hmw7 / Solutions LecWeek7 Permutations, Combinations, Binomial Coefficients (5.3-5.4) Week 9 Nov 26-30 Hmw8 / Solutions / Grading scheme (see end of LecWeek7 notes above) LecWeek9 Generalized Permutations and Combinations (5.5) Recurrence Relations (7.1-7.2) Week 10 Dec 3- 7 (see above) Recurrence Relations continued; Divide and Conquer Algorithms (See section 7.3) Finals Week Dec 10-14 Review Material: AllTests.doc QuizSols1-4.doc MidtermSols.doc QuizSols5-8.doc FINAL EXAM REVIEW: Monday or Tuesday, TBA FINAL EXAM, Friday December 14, 1:30PM-- 3:30PM, ICS 174 Announcements / Reminders: Starting from the 2 nd quiz, the quizzes will take place every Wednesday at the beginning of the lecture, at 2pm The homework will always be due every Monday at 2pm at the distribution center . I will not accept them in class because I might start the class by addressing some question dealing with the homework you all just handed in. Recall that the distribution center is in the same building as the class, so you should always just give it to them. If you are
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running late, you’ll be late for the class but that’s better than having you come up front to hand the homework to me. The graded quizzes , the graded homeworks , and quiz solutions , will all be available next Monday at 10:30 in the distribution center, so if you drop your homework off anytime between 10:30 and 2 on Monday, you’ll be able to pick these things at the same time. As for homework solutions , we will give only solutions to select homework exercises as a handout on Monday lectures (the day the homeworks are due). We will give solutions only to select homework exercises because, as someone brought to my attention ;-), all odd-numbered exercises in Rosen’s book have solutions in Appendix S-1
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