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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Connects at two points within the cell and...

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Explain the importance of being small Surface area to volume ratio is grater the smaller you are Describe the various microbial shapes and names Streptobacilli – lots of rods connected Coccobacillus (coccus) – round Vibrio – comma shaped Spirillum – curvy Spirochete - corkscrew Explain flagella distribution Polar Monotrichous – one flagella at the end Polar Amphitrichous – one flagella at each end Polar Lophotrichous – a group of flagella at one end Peritrichous – flagella all over the body Compare and contrast; Fimbriae and Pili Fimbriae – short and solid, used for adherence, stick to surface of cells Pili – long and hollow, used for DNA exchange or motility (movement) Explain flagellar structure and action Basal body – attaches flagella to cell and acts like the motor Hook – Attaches fagetin to basal body Fagetin – subset of proteins that make up the flagella Describe the endoflagellum
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Unformatted text preview: Connects at two points within the cell and works like a muscle contracting and relaxing to cause a spin motion Compare and contrast; capsule, slime and S-layer Capsule – Organized and difficult to remove, made from polysaccharides (Glycocalyx) Slime – Disorganized and easy to remove, made from polysaccharides (Glycocalyx) S-layer – Organized, self-assembled Glycoprotein Describe Biofilms and gliding motility Biofilms – immobile polysaccharide material that allows microbes to reproduce Gliding – Slime is excreted from the cell and pushes the cell forward as it hydrates Describe and compare; Positive and Negative Chemotaxis, Phototaxis and Aerotaxis Chemotaxis – movement towards a favorable place, amino acids or sugars, positive movement away from an unfavorable place, weak asic/base, negative Phototaxis – movement towards and away from light Aerotaxis – movement towards and away from oxygen...
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