Cartoon Analysis-final Draft

Cartoon Analysis-final Draft - Glassman 1 Kevin Glassman...

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Glassman 1 Kevin Glassman Professor Suzanne Hudson WRTG 1150 1 April 2008 Stimulus Package At first glance Sandy Huffaker’s political cartoon seems to be a normal political cartoon, but its underlining meaning is more complex. There is a group of kids dressed in baseball gear and their coach who is dressed in raggedy cloths. Each of the boys has a different word printed on their shirts representing aspects of the economy: banks, oil, housing and stocks. In the first part of the cartoon the coach is telling his players, “Boys, you’ve made one bone-headed play after another. Do you know what this means??!” the second seen shows the coach handing out trophies from a box labeled “stimulus package” As the economy continued to suffer, the government began to pump money into the system in a hope to fix the problems, but in actuality, it just made things worse. The stimulus package was created to help with the declining market as a way to promote economic growth. The package was designed to help people financially and improve market conditions. The housing market has historically steadily increasing, until recently. After World War II, banks loaned money to home buyers at low interest rates, because
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Glassman 2 banks were not concerned about buyer’s abilities to pay back their loans. The constantly increasing housing market would cover their financial investment. If people foreclosed on their homes, the banks would reposes the home and sell it for an additional profit. This meant that they could be bought or sold just like stocks in a company. Banks started to give
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Cartoon Analysis-final Draft - Glassman 1 Kevin Glassman...

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