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The Real Study Guide-Prelim 1

The Real Study Guide-Prelim 1 - Betsy Distelburger BIO 110...

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Betsy Distelburger 02/18/08 BIO 110 Study Guide-Prelim 1 1. Life: (ORGERRE) a. Moves by internal forces. b. Takes up small molecules and synthesizes large organic molecules that it uses to grow. c. Transforms one kind of energy into other forms of energy often by burning organic molecules using oxygen. d. Generates electrical energy. e. Responds appropriately to the environment. f. Reproduces with near perfect fidelity. 2. Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins . Clay is the catalyst that provides positive and negative charges to allow amino acids to join each other. Happens when you heat and cool 3. Proteins are important-building blocks of everything. Most abundant organic thing in humans. It is not necessary to perform muscle work (example: mountain peeing). Repair cells and make new shit. Has 4 calories/gram a. Functions of protein: carries information of life. Catalysts because of variety of functional groups. 4. Nucleic acids-carry genetic code they are very stable, include DNA and RNA, information molecule. Allows cells and dna to regenerate and duplicate themselves. Nucleic acid polymer has ability to bond with complementary nucleotide and polymer can form intermediate template so it can duplicate itself. Genetically took over the clay. 5. Oxygen-based a big bang theory, lots of pressure was hot. Hydrogen helium->CNOP Gasses in rocks released water, CO2, Nitrogen, 6. Materialistic-Life, including the aspects of consciousness and individuality, can be explained as emergent properties, by the laws of Chemistry and Physics. Vitalistic-Life, especially the aspects of consciousness and individuality, cannot be explained by the laws of Chemistry and Physics. 7. Louis Pasteur had swan flask that allowed movement of air but not of microbes. There was sterilization, which ensured no growth of microbes which proved that life has to come from life in the current conditions 7. 8. Walter B. Cannon developed the ideas of fight or flight and homeostasis. He also realized that he could use x-rays to study the mechanical action of the stomach in uninjured animals in their natural state. a. He discovered that the stomach “kneaded” the food and that digestion time was dependent on the type of food. b. Digestion depends on type of food carb fast protein medium fat slow c. Stressed upset so you don’t digest as fast d. Endocrine system are prepared in f or f e. Blood will diverge to muscle and skeleton so it wont go to rest and digest 9. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin and yes he is an example of a prepared mind profiting from chance observations because he was conducting experiments but the result of his experiments was accidental. 10. The Fermi Solution is a method for solving problems, which involves making assumptions about the problem. It is useful in problem solving in general not just science because it helps people find a simpler answer.
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a. Take numbers estimate and find the answer even if they’re huge numbers b. You can figure out everyday facts that you wouldn’t know otherwise by just estimating
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The Real Study Guide-Prelim 1 - Betsy Distelburger BIO 110...

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