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BioG 110: Prelim #1 Information : Friday, February 22 nd , 2008. In Class 9:05 AM – 9:55 AM YOU WILL NEED : Your 7 digit CUID # for BioG 110 grade posting; #2 pencils for blue bubble sheet, pen for essays, NAME LABEL (collect outside CALL Auditorium from your Lab Instructor before the prelim) EXAM BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 9:05 AM You are responsible to arrive by 8:50 AM to pick up your exam label. SEATING ARRANGEMENT : Your TA will direct you to your assigned seating on the morning of the Prelim. Please be seated in the Rows designated to your Lab Instructor (TA) : Rebecca Dore Elizabeth Goulet Peter Lundquist Maya Patel Anne Rea Elizabeth Takacs Stephanie Topp John Woodward DURING EXAM : Revealing exam questions, or exam answers to other students is a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity. Failure to follow the proctor's instructions is Academic Misconduct. All packs, books and papers must be left at the front or rear of the exam room. No cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed at exam seats. TURN OFF OR MUTE CELL PHONES!
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