AMCULT204- Final Review

AMCULT204- Final Review - College Sports Final Outline...

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College Sports Final Outline Names: Walter Camp - Yale graduate of medicine and coach, ‘father of college football’. Started keeping time in game (President of New Haven Clock Company) which made the game more organized and less British. Invented many things (line of scrimmage, quarterback, series of downs for 5 yards, the football grid, tackling below the waist, 11 people on each team going 110 yards. Scoring system: 1pt for safety, 2pt for TD, 4pt for PAT, 5pt for field goal). Came up with all-American team Amos Alonzo Stagg - U of Chicago coach and played at Yale under Walter Camp. Invented playbook (strategy based game), the huddle, the onsides kick, the reverse, the fake kick, man in motion. Helmets for players, Wanted to be remembered as an honest man Pop Warner - graduate of Cornell and coached Pitt to 319 wins, coached Jim Thorpe at Carlisle. Invented jersey numbers, blocking buddies, hidden ball trick John Heisman - person for who the award is named after. Got game divided into quarters. Benched players for poor grades, wrote Principles of Football , figured that forward pass would save football by scattering the mob. Invented audible at the line, scoreboard so fans could keep track, hike as signal to start play, coached many teams George Jewett - 1891, first black guy on Michigan football team, Fielding Yost - Michigan football coach 1901, football favorite sport (built character). Hired at Michigan as first paid coach for 10 weeks at $2,300 that wasn’t faculty. went undefeated 11-0 in 1901, outscoring opponents 550-0, point a minute teams. National champs 1902-1905. Invented the linebacker, no huddle offense, quick kick, forward pass, the spiral. Lived and thought clean, wrote Michigan player’s manual—things you should be doing. A racist, sat Willis Ward against Georgia Tech and Michigan got a lot of bad press that year… He got executive autonomy for the athletic department & faculty board. As A.D., charges $ for sporting events, gets Big House built in 1927, artificial ice Knute Rockne - Notre Dame coach, got ND to become a national independent program. Was an all-American in 1913 and became ND coach in 1918. Movie “Knute Rockne, all-American.” Had corrupt ways (illegal recruiting techniques), died at the peak of his coaching career George Gipp - ‘The Gipper’, football player at ND, died young of pneumonia. Talented but did poorly in school , had great street smarts Red Grange - played well @ Illinois, known as the ‘Galloping Ghost’ , first to go from college to the pros Benny Oosterban - receiver, all-American in football & basketball, football coach 1948- 1958, best year was his first where team was undefeated Benny Friedman - QB for Benny to Benny Gerald Ford - center and football captain, became President. Almost quit team when Yost made Willis Ward sit, but Ward told him to play Willis Ward - Ford’s roommate, black guy, forced to sit out against Georgia Tech Fritz Crisler
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AMCULT204- Final Review - College Sports Final Outline...

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