01 - It can be directly tied to sociology through Peter...

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SOCY 1001 Monday 2:00-2:50 DUAN G2B60 Exploriment 1 Recently I was talking to my friend about the new semester. I asked him, “so, how are your classes this semester?” He immediately went into a five minute rant on how all of his classes are going to be really hard and how all the professors assign way too much reading along with other assignments. He stated that he already felt overwhelmed. He even went so far as to say that he did not think he would be able to complete the semester because it was only the end of the first week and he was already behind. My response to his complaint was that a lot of people felt that way currently, and that the worst thing he could do is give up. To that, all he said was, “yeah, I guess so,” but his demeanor perked up. That was how the conversation ended. It made me fell good that with just those few words I calmed him down, and made him realize that he is not the only person to feel overwhelmed. That complaint is one of the more common complaints I hear and experience every day.
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Unformatted text preview: It can be directly tied to sociology through Peter Bergers framing of Bad Faith, which is originally Sartres idea (Walden 2007). According to Dr. Waldens lecture, Berger states that one property of Bad Faith is pretending you gotta, or cant do something (2007). This is exactly what my friend, and many others including myself are doing when we get stressed out over classes. We feel that we have to take these classes in order to graduate, but that we can not possibly keep up with all the work. I feel that the best way for people to deal with this complaint is to make it Nothing Personal (Walden 2007). By making the issue apply to society as a whole, the burden of a lot of school work does not seem as hard to deal with when one knows that many others feel the same way and are able to complete the work. 1 References: Walden, Glenda. 2006. Unpublished lecture material. Boulder, CO: University of Colorado. 2...
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01 - It can be directly tied to sociology through Peter...

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