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Kevin Welch 306 E. Post Oak Burnet, TX 78611 325-642-1068 [email protected] January 17, 2008 Deborah Greene P.O. Box 2193 Huntsville, TX 77341 Dear Mrs. Greene, My name is Kevin Welch. I am eighteen years old, and I graduated from Burnet High School, which is located in Burnet, Texas. I am currently enrolled as a freshman at Sam Houston State University, where I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. After I obtain my degree, I plan on pursuing a career in Texas Law Enforcement, particularly as a Texas Ranger. Being a Texas Ranger requires a tremendous amount of formal writing, knowledge and understanding of Texas State Law and judicial system, and dedication to the Lone Star State. It is best to challenge myself while having the opportunity to do so at Sam Houston State University. With the ideas and credible curriculum that are presented in this course throughout a semester, I believe that I will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to exceed my own expectations of my
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Unformatted text preview: future career. If given the option to participate in your course, I am fully confident that it would better prepare me for the real world, and give me the tools I need to succeed. Though I may be able to continue to perform the job without your class, I do not believe I will be able to exceed my boss’s expectations. With the lessons you provide on formal writing and proper grammar, I will be ready and better prepared for the future. Plus, with a better understanding of how to write for a business oriented world, I will be more confident and thus succeed, moving up the chain of command. In conclusion, I am confident I have made the right decision in registering for this class. I trust this course will challenge and prepare me for my future steps toward becoming a Texas Ranger. By giving me the opportunity to benefit from your expertise in this area of study, I will have the knowledge and proficient skills needed for a successful career. Sincerely, Kevin K. Welch...
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