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02 - something In the case of children’s toys society...

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SOCY 1001- 115 Monday 2:00-2:50 DUAN G2B60 Exploriment 2 Recently I was at a local toy shop to see how the toys are used in the socialization of children. The thing that I first noticed was how the toys were separated into gender specific sections by an obvious use of colors. The boys section was characterized by dark blue and red, and the girls section by pink and baby blue. This use of colors clearly tells children and their parents that this is where girls should shop and this is where boys should shop. Once in the specific sections, I saw that there was a general theme to each genders toys. The boys section had a lot of trucks, action figures and sports related items whereas the girls section had Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, and toys that advertised “being a mommy”. These items and their implications as to who should be playing with them can be tied into sociology through social norms and dispositional traits. Social norms are what society believes to be the correct way of doing or acting on
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Unformatted text preview: something. In the case of children’s toys, society promotes boys to play with toys that involve building, fighting and athletics because that is what boy are “supposed” to like and take part in. The same can be said for the girl toys, society believe that girls should partake in less physical activities and more emotional and nurturing activities which is why the girl section is full of stuffed animals and “be a mommy” toys. (Note: these are all my thoughts which is why there are no citations.) A dispositional trait is a “personal or group trait, such as motivation level, mood, and inherent ability” (Ferrante 2006:163). This can be tied into the toys by the inherent ability. Girls, by nature are more nurturing then boys are, and that is why their section is filled with stuffed animals, etc. Boys are more physical and aggressive then girls are and that is why there are action figures and athletic equipment in their section....
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02 - something In the case of children’s toys society...

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