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03 - because I asked them a day later if they noticed any...

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SOCY 1001- 115 Monday 2:00-2:50 DUAN G2B60 Exploriment 3 Starting on Saturday morning through Monday morning I went with out any showering, deodorant or any form of personally hygiene for this assignment. For me it was really odd to not shower or clean myself for those two days. By the end of it I felt disgusting, and thought that people around me must be revolted by my presence. One of the things that made this two day stint harder then I thought it would be was that I had not shaved for a week prior to it. My beard felt awful, and itched like nothing else. It was hard to fall asleep with it because it kept scratching against my pillow. Another thing that was gross was how greasy my hair got. I blame this on having played basketball both days and not being able to shower. Surprisingly, I did not smell like I felt. This was apparent because not one person said anything about my hygiene, and this was not because they were being nice, but because it did not bother them. I know this
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Unformatted text preview: because I asked them a day later if they noticed any stench coming from me. All of their answers were no, why? There is nothing I can think of to tie in their thoughts to sociology, but my thoughts about the two days are different. According to Dr. Walden’s lecture two of the principles of culture are norms which are the thing that should or should not be done, and values which are the idea of what is appropriate (2007). These two things can be tied into my feeling about not cleaning myself for two day because I felt like what I was doing was wrong. In American culture it is wrong to not clean yourself if you have the opportunity. I also felt like it was inappropriate for me to hang out with people while being dirty. Our culture teaches you to be presentable to other and one of the points in being presentable is being clean....
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03 - because I asked them a day later if they noticed any...

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