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Hanjie Wei FE 1 - Hanjie Wei ELI 300 Understanding the...

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Hanjie Wei ELI 300 Winter2008 Understanding the health care system in United States and Canada The United States is currently studying various proposals to reform its health care system and that of Canada is often cited as a possible model. Curiously, Canadians sometimes look to the United States for ways to improve their system. However, we still can find a comparative description of the Canadian and American health care systems and reviews the most recent literature. In Canada, there is no financial barrier to care. All Canadians have insured access to medically necessary hospital and physician services under their provincial government health insurance plan. Under the Canada Health Act, the provinces must not permit user fees for publicly insured services, except for extended care for those with chronic illness living in hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions. In the United States, access to health care is often
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