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Ahmed Aledreessi Executive Summary Cheap Electro’s is a new small company that concerns with selling used electronic stuff for cheap competitive prices. Of course you can tell from the name that the things that might be sold are supposed to be cheap. The company will be operating all types of selling/buying processes through one location as a start. Cheap Electro’s is a sole proprietorship form of businesses, which means that it has only one owner or entrepreneur. It also operates in a way similar to a lot of other companies which I will mention how later. One important thing to know about Cheap Electro’s that it depends heavily on personal customer relationship which also will be illustrated in depth later on this summary. The company structure would be simply based on different aspects. In more specific, three aspects only! The first aspect is concerned with the location. Its location must be somewhere near the fresh market. Fresh market is the place where lots of selling and buying are taking place. The second aspect focuses on the employment process. Any employment that wants to work for the
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executive summary - Ahmed Aledreessi Executive Summary...

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