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Social In-Security and Me 9/28/06 E00679959 Early retirement plan is more than just a process or a procedure; I think it is needed especially these days. Lately it has been said on the news that SSI (supplemental security income) is going bankruptcy which means that no payments will be made by government or it will be limited according to my understanding. Therefore saving some money before retirement and investing it will be a good idea in order to protect yourself. Although the SSI is in crisis, I assume that by applying investments among the banks and the other controlling sources such as big companies and so will help eliminate this crisis and get things together. Knowing that I’m not going to be paid when retired will makes me start thinking about other sources for living other than depending in the SSI. Personally, I don’t really think that the elimination on pension will help me. I believe that it is a reward from the government for my work and therefore I want to earn it. Having pension is important, but
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