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Astronomy 10 Surfaces 10.6.06 Solar system is 4.5 billion years old o Planets have had times to cool off and become solid rock o All of the objects of the solar system have had time to collect impacts o Accretion: building up, getting together Planets go through accretion Craters are the result of impacts o There is an explosion when the object hits o There is a shockwave o The Object melts o Resulting crater has a rim, and ejecta blanket and a pulverized crust Surface of the Moon o Looking at the most recent craters, can see rays around them Explanation is that the rays are made of tiny glass balls Result of dust that melted into a sphere, cooled, and hit the Moon as a solid sphere of glass Some of the craters have central peaks Bigger and smaller craters do not have central peaks There is a little bit of very slow erosion on the Moon Craters with sharp edges and craters with bell edges are the result of the slow erosion o Have a thin atmosphere of ionized sodium particles
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Unformatted text preview: So thin that it essentially isn’t there • Surface of Mercury o Looks very similar to the surface of the Moon o Has craters that have central peaks o Have a thin atmosphere of ionized sodium particles So thin that it essentially isn’t there • Surface of Venus o Can’t see the surface of Venus because of its clouds o Use radar to show that there are also impact craters on Venus • Surface of Mars o Craters on Mars are generally more eroded then the craters of the Moon and Mercury because it has an atmosphere o Has a crater that is in a valley that had some activity in it o Can see the cross-section of the crater Rim is by an area of the valley that has a lot of dust deposited Dust is deposited in the crater • Ganymede o Covered by solid ice o Ice is not as strong as rock, so craters don’t’ last as long • Callisto o Covered in impacts o Anymore impacts would erase other impacts...
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