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Astronomy 10 10.9.06

Astronomy 10 10.9.06 - o Hints that Venus’s rocks are...

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Astronomy 10 Plate Tectonics 10.9.06 Tectonics are the process of solid surfaces o Must have enough heat to heat the interior and must be cool enough to not melt the surface Only way you can have tectonics and Volcanism Moon Dust: o Clingy as wet beach sand even though it is dry because there isn’t air to move the particles around o The spherical clumps of dirt are the rocks that had melted, and by the time they fell to the Moon they were rounded o The rest of the clumps of dirt are jagged, which is why they interlock and stick Moon Rocks: o Found a Rock called genesis that is about 3 billion years old Mars Exploration: o Looks like a red desert o Looks rusty because it is rust (covered in a coat of Iron oxide) o Dirt is also as clingy as wet beach sand o Some of the dust does get blown around and creates dunes Generally the same character as Earth dunes The sand in sand dunes originates from beach sand o Dust is much finer then Earth dust Venus Exploration: o One American probe made it and several Soviet probes made it
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Unformatted text preview: o Hints that Venus’s rocks are basalt rocks • Rocky Planets (including the Moon): o All have high land and low land rocks o Rocks that are above the water and mainly granite rock and the rock below the water are mainly basalt rock o Plates are constantly moving Atlantic is getting bigger by an inch each year • Moon high/low land rocks: o High land rocks are lighter then low land rocks (can see pattern on the Moon) o High land rocks is about 100s of millions of years older then the low land rock Can tell the difference because of the amount of cratering • Cratering stopped in out solar system about 3.5 billion years ago • Tectonics: o Plates moving over molten rock o Can see scarps to indicate movement of plates o Stress fracture occur when there has been stress in two different directions o Europa’s dark ice is a little bit younger then the white ice because the dark ice indicates plate tectonics...
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