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Astronomy 10 The Distance of Stars 10/30/06 Just because objects look close together in the sky doesn’t mean that they are physically close together First time we measured stars was in 1838 o Measured the distance of two stars Technology improved greatly in the 1900s and thousands of stars’ distances were being measured Starting to see which stars were bright because they were close, which stars were bright because they are inherently bright, and which stars were both Found which stars were really dim and which stars where dim because they are just far away The intensity of light decreases with the square of the distance Peccary hired women to do science at the Harvard Observatory o Unheard of in the 1800s o Photograph the spectra of stars at night and then the spectra would be analyzed during the day o Used women for the daytime analysis o Some of the women he hired became quite famous Fleming classified the stars with the strength of their hydrogen lines
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