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Astronomy 10 11.8.06

Astronomy 10 11.8.06 - Astronomy 10 Red Giants Stars...

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Astronomy 10 Red Giants 11/8/06 Stars continue to fuse for as long as they can For a red dwarf, if it collapsed and died, the gravitational pull inward will make the star shrink o Temperature, pressure, and density will go up because it is the same amount of gas in a smaller amount of space o No additional activity will occur because they have run out of an energy source o They continue to radiate the left over heat until they turn into a cold ball of helium o Called Black cinders The light weight stars o OBA stars park another round of fusion when they collapse o If there is enough mass, temperature, pressure, and density can get high enough so that helium collides together to form a second process which yields carbon plus energy Called the triple-alpha process o Stars that do this have a very different energy budget and leave the main sequence o All stars that leave the main sequence are red giants o Find them in globular clusters
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