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Astronomy 10 Black Holes 11/15/06 The elements formed from the supernova come together to form other nebulae White dwarfs are so condensed that they weigh tons per teaspoon o They were the core of a red giant o The dwarf condenses so much that the Iron core isn’t Iron anymore and forms a neutron star Pulsars are fresh, hot neutron stars o Not physically pulsating, they are rotating o Because they are so condensed, they rotate very fast o Rotation axis and the magnetic field axis almost never coincide Neutron stars eventually cool off o Can’t detect a cold, old neutron star Some energy from the neutron star radiates in outbound jets Pulsars happen almost only in the disk of the Milky Way Sometimes the implosion in the supernova forms a mass that is so great that it even overpowers the force that keeps neutrons apart o Matter collapses to a single geometric point (called a singularity) o Physics cannot explain what goes on in a singularity o So dense that matter follows different rules
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Unformatted text preview: o Gravity all from one place; gravity is so great that the escape velocity is greater then the speed of light o This means that nothing can escape from that zone (not even light) o Called a Black Hole o So far, every black hole candidate has been shown to be a black hole o Some black holes have bipolar outflow Contradict what is thought about black Holes • Black holes warp space time around them o If a beam of light is beamed passed a black hole, the beam of light will be bent and it will look like it came from a different area then it came from o Einstein predicted the deflection of light by the mass of the sun o Can measure the deflected light o The black hole sucks in photons and makes the black hole more massive o Photon spheres cannot exists because they can only exist near black holes that don’t grow (but all black holes grow) o Outside the event horizon, events can be detected and inside the event horizon events cannot be detected...
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