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Astronomy 10 Galaxies 11/17/06 Galaxies are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of light years wide Milky way o All of the dark comes form nebulae o For all light that can be seen, the Milky way is dominant o The Coal Sack is the presence of lots of dark stuff There are lots of thin, dark strings o The Great of Riff goes through the Summer Triangle o The Milky way is the brightest around Scorpios and Sagittarius o When you look below the bulge you can’t see many stars o Baade (German who came to America) was the first Astronomer to understand the importance of Baade’s Window (the star cluster that is very close to the center of the Milky way) o The upper part of the disk has a lot of gas (which scatters the blue light away and, therefore, looks red)
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Unformatted text preview: o The Nucleus is the center of the Milky way o The bulge is around the nucleus o The disk runs through the bulge • Population I o Has everything in it o Has old and new stars o Has gas and dust • Population II o Has almost only old stars o Doesn’t have new stars o Has almost no gas or dust o Are the bulge and the hallo are population II • Spirals are illusions o They are not physical structures o The physical structure is a disk • There is a black hole three and a half times the mass of the sun at the center of the Milk way galaxy • The unseen matter weight ten times more then everything that can be seen o Means that there is stuff (dark matter) that is pulling on us and we cannot see it...
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