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Astronomy 10 11.20.06

Astronomy 10 11.20.06 - o More light between the arms then...

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Astronomy 10 Types of Galaxies 11/20/06 There are elliptical galaxies o Good name because they actually are elliptical o Come in all three sized (dwarf, normal, and giant) o There is no difference between the bulge of the disk galaxies and an entire elliptical galaxy o Physical structure: elliptical o Star population I: none Means almost no gas and no young stars Won’t have the stars in the top of the main sequence (only yellow, orange, or red stars) o Star population II: all o Giant elliptical Only found in the centers of galaxy clusters Thought to be the result of mergers of galaxies There are Spiral galaxies o They tend to be the prettiest galaxies o Has a nucleus and a bulge o There are O and B stars, which tend to make a blue tint o Arms almost never continue to the center The arms are usually patchy and almost never go straight to the center
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Unformatted text preview: o More light between the arms then outside of the galaxy, which means that there is a lot of stuff in between the arms o Arms are not physical structures o Can’t define an arm unless you define where you are looking at it o Often quite dusty o Physical structure: disc o Star population I: disc o Star population II: bulge and halo • Irregular o Very rare, one or two percent of the galaxy population o Elliptical with oddity Physical structure: elliptical Star population I: sometimes in the oddity Star population II: Mostly o Disc with oddity Physical structure: disc Star population I: disc, and sometimes in the oddity Star population II: Bulge and Halo o Unsymmetrical Physical structure: irregular Star population I: all Star population II: none...
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