Astronomy 10 - o MV Red dwarfs stars o dE Dwarf elliptical galaxies o L6s L6 Ordinary Chondrites o LBBs Little Brown Birds(Birding • Lens arcs

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Astronomy 10 Cosmology 11/29/06 About ten to the tenth light years is, as far as we know, the size of the visible universe Most galaxies are concentrated around the direction of Virgo All the galaxies nearer and farther from the Virgo cluster is called the super Virgo cluster FFN’s are visible to all Astronomers of all levels o Every size of telescope will give you faint fuzzy nothings Common, but ignored o FFNs: Faint fuzzy nothings
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Unformatted text preview: o MV: Red dwarfs stars o dE: Dwarf elliptical galaxies o L6s: L6 Ordinary Chondrites o LBBs: Little Brown Birds (Birding) • Lens arcs are light that comes form far away galaxies but are bent by a giant elliptical galaxy • Light seems to be coming from a different source because the space in its path is warped • There is a great wall, but it is not known as a physical structure...
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