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Astronomy 10 12.6.06

Astronomy 10 12.6.06 - Astronomy 10 Amateur Astronomy...

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Astronomy 10 Amateur Astronomy 1/6/06 Probably the most rich and abundant amateur scientist group There are plenty of people who are not in the field of Astronomy that contribute to Astronomy You can do genuine discovery by practicing amateur Astronomy Amateur Astronomy is done for fun o Everybody is interested in certain parts of Astronomy o They do that parts that they want to do because Astronomy is done under their own free will o You only do what you like Everybody does what they want the way that want to do it o By doing this, they create new modes Technology allows Amateurs to take the very best photos better then the ones that are better then the best photos ever taken 20 or 30 years ago More professional Astronomer now then ever before Transcendent Astronomy o Armchair Astronomy People that read everything they can get their hands on that has to do with Astronomy o Astronomy Club Most Amateurs don’t join clubs
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