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Why German? I initially became interested in German this summer while working at a debate camp  at University of California, Berkeley. At camp, I met  Julian Krahnen from Frankfurt, Germany. Through my  conversations with my newfound German friend, I  became exposed to German culture. I learned about  family life (like how every Saturday everybody gets  together and has cakes and coffee), about German music  (like how many German bands are far from polka and  tend to sing in English), and about German life in general.  I talk to Julian for many months after and became further intrigued by Germany. I started  watching German movies, like  SommerSturm , watching German TV shows, like  Deutschland sucht den Superstar listening to German music, like 
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Unformatted text preview: Tokio Hotel and Die Prinzen, and using German slang (that I picked up from Julian), like the joking greeting “Na Dicke.” 1 I also started to get more involved with German as soon as I found out that my best friend and ballroom dance partner, Cliff Bielinski, was becoming interested in German culture as well. Together, we started to expose ourselves to more and more of German culture, including the language. When we began to start looking at the language was when I decided that I wanted to formally study German. I decided that I wanted to go all the way to the end and become as fluent as possible with a minor in the language and I hope that my goal to do so stays alive and vibrant. 2...
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course GERMAN 3 taught by Professor Bergerson during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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Portfolio Page 1 - Tokio Hotel and Die Prinzen and using...

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