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My Letter to German Dear German Language, I have had experiences with other languages in the past. I have been exposed to Russian,  Japanese, and Spanish. As I started looking into other languages, I started to see how similar and  how very different languages could be from one another and from English. I decided to study you  because I became very intrigued by your native speaker’s countries’ cultures and histories. I  made a goal to devote my time and energy into learning how you are both very similar and  different from other languages and discovering how you shaped your culture. Now that I am in 
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Unformatted text preview: my third semester of German, I expect to solidify everything that I have learned so far about you. I want to be able to speak and read you better and with more confidence. I want to learn more words and I want to make sure the words I have already learned stick. I am excited to continue to learn about you and improve. With hard work and any luck, I will be able to speak you as your native speakers do. Best Regards, Sarah Brodsky 4...
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