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German 3: Where I am on my Quest to Speak the German Language I have never been very ‘good’ with language. I find myself frequently struggling with English  grammar, let alone the grammar of a non-native language, such as German. I have promised myself from  the day I enrolled in German 1 that I would stick through the language no matter what so that I could  learn the inner working of both German and my own native tongue. I am now in the middle of my third semester of German and I find myself struggling and  succeeding in surprising places. I struggle most with speaking, which was also the case when I studied  Spanish. I find myself wanting to express ideas that I do not have the words for in German and then  struggling to come up with the word I know to get the idea across as best as I can. I probably need to be  more confident and think through my words more. Speaking has always come last for me, so I am 
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Unformatted text preview: confident that it will surface eventually with more practice and experience. I am the most successful when it comes to writing in German. I think this is because writing gives me the medium I need to take my time and get exactly what I want to say out. I am average when it comes to reading and grammar. When I read German fast or when there are many words I don’t know I have a lot of trouble understanding what I am reading. However, when I read very slowly and take my time, I understand most of what I am reading every time. All in all, I feel that German is going along very smoothly and I am excited to reach the next level in my understanding of the language. I am dedicated and enthusiastic about learning German and I am confident that my attitude towards learning the language will carry me through. 5...
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