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Lesson 3 Formation of the Universe and the Earth’s Solar System SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the student is expected to: Discuss the Age of the Universe through its Formation Identify the formation of the solar system and its planets Describe the different features of the planets of the solar system Explain the theories of the formation of the Earth-Moon System 3.1 The Universe Remarks: The Universe is composed of the following: 1. Baryonic matter (5%) - This is the matter that we are familiar with, composed of protons, electrons, and neutrons. 2. Dark matter (25%) - A form of matter that is probably composed of other subatomic particles. 3. Dark energy (70%) - A theoretical force that pushes objects further apart allowing the Universe to accelerate its expansion 3.2 Cosmological Principle Remarks: This was a groundbreaking idea from the former idea that the Earth was the center or that we occupy a special place in the universe. The universe is all of space and time, and all its contents including galaxies, planets, stars, and many more. One of the cornerstones of the modern cosmology is the idea that the universe is the same wherever you are.
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